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Adhesives for Plastics

We have been working for many years with our local plastic moulders and fabricators to provide an extensive range of adhesives and weld cements for their industries. The types of products and benefits are listed below for quick selection.

Weld Cements

ABS        - Slow cure - WC127, WC223                                                Styrene      - Slow cure - WC101, WC223

Acrylic  - Fast cure - WC102, WC120, WC121, WC123                     PVC             - Slow cure - WC127, WC223

Acrylic  - Slow cure - WC104, WC105                                                 PETG           - Fast cure - WC123

Polycarbonate  - Fast cure - WC122                                                  Styrolux    - Fast cure - WC120, WC121, WC123


For clear bonding of many plastics we have our S1220, Crystal Clear MS Polymer and Cyanoacrylates (superglues)

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

Adhesives for Plastics: 24 products found

WC101 Styrene Weld Cement 250ml


WC101 Styrene Weld Cement 500ml


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 1ltr


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 2.5ltr


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 250ml


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 500ml


WC127 PVC Weld Cement 1 ltr


WC127 PVC Weld Cement 250ml


WC127 PVC Weld Cement 500ml


WC102 Acrylic Weld Cement 500ml


WC112 Cast Acrylic Cement 250ml


WC104 Acrylic Weld Cement 1ltr