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Contact adhesives are designed to be coated onto both surfaces to be bonded , left for a few minutes for the solvent to evaporate and when the coated surfaces are contacted together, there is an immediate bond created.

For any technical advice please ring on 01509 815550 and ask for Technical. You can also fill in the contact form found through the contact us tag at the top of the page. Any advise will be free and confidential. You can also submit samples of your products to our laboratory for testing to ascertain the best possible adhesive to suit your application.

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

Contact / Impact: 21 products found

C5000 Contact Adhesive 1ltr

Was £13.27 £11.28

C5000 Contact Adhesive 5ltr

Was £43.30 £36.80

C5004 Two Part Contact Adhesive Kit 250ml

Was £9.10 £7.73

C5004 Two Part Contact Adhesive Kit 500ml

Was £12.74 £10.84

C5005 Nitrile Adhesive 1ltr

Was £13.55 £12.20

C5005 Nitrile Adhesive 250ml

Was £7.37 £6.62

C5005 Nitrile Adhesive 5ltr

Was £60.17 £54.14

C5006 Sprayable Neoprene Contact Adh. 5ltr

Was £36.08 £32.47

C6002 Polystyrene Adhesive 1ltr

Was £15.41 £13.85

C6002 Polystyrene Adhesive 5ltr

Was £59.72 £53.76

C6003 Non-Flam Sprayable Contact 5ltr

Was £45.84 £41.27

C6004 Non-Flam Sprayable Contact 5ltr

Was £56.83 £51.14