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WC112 Bondsol Weld Cement 1ltr

Product Description

Bondrite WC112 is a single component structural acrylic adhesive designed to bond cast acrylic sheet with a bond strength that should always outperform the substrate.  This ultra high strength is achieved by using a bespoke blend of advanced acrylic polymers which when combined with our non Dichloromethane cure system provides a fast bond speed with ultra high clarity.

Advantages and Benefits

Following the growing concern regarding the possible carcinogenic effects of Dichloromethane we have developed a system using an alternate derived from renewable resources (very low environmental impact).  This alternate is very safe to use and brings a number of marked improvements to the adhesive system including:

  • A faster cure speed and handling strength.
  • Improved optical clarity with no amber or blue taint to the cured material.
  • A safer to use structural adhesive.

WC112 is also available in 250ml & 500ml.

WC112 Bondsol Weld Cement 1ltr
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£33.24 £27.70 ex vat

Product Specifications

GAP FILL 0.15-0.6mm