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Adhesives for Rubbers and Foams

Bondrite have been providing adhesives to the rubber and foam industries for over 20 years. We stock an extensive range from rubber boat to nail file adhesives.

* Spreadable/rollerable contact adhesives and polyureathanes for easier application over larger areas without having to purchase spray equipment.

* Sprayable contact adhesives, aerosols and polyurethanes for fast, economic application over larger areas.

* Small areas, fast bonding cyanoacrylates (superglues) of solid rubber and high density foams

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

Adhesives for Rubbers and Foams: 24 products found

B200 Rubber/Plastic 20gm


B400 Mitre Bond 20gm


B200 Rubber/Plastic 50gm


B400 Mitre Bond 50gm


C5004 Two Part Contact Adhesive Kit 250ml

Was £9.10 £7.73

C5004 Two Part Contact Adhesive Kit 500ml

Was £12.74 £10.84

C5006 Sprayable Neoprene Contact Adh. 5ltr

Was £36.08 £32.47

P1002 PU PVC/ABS Adhesive 250ml


B200 Rubber/Plastic 500gm