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C6006 Non-Flam Adh. 5ltr

Product Description

Bondrite C6006 is a Genklene free, cream coloured, non-flammable,brushable multi purpose high performance 'contact' adhesive.  It is clean to

use and is particularly recommended for bonding rigid plastic laminates (e.g.'Formica' type) to wood or wood composites.

It has versatile properties and is also suited to making permanent contact bonds between materials such as rigid PVC, PVC leather-cloth, GRP,

polyurethane foam, rubber sheet and extrusions, all of which may be bonded to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, plywood and painted or unpainted


C6006 is well proven and established in a wide cross section of industries such as automotive and coachbuilding, boat building, shopfitting and bar

fitting trades, furniture and leather goods manufacture where it is used to bond a wide variety of materials.

C6006 Non-Flam Adh. 5ltr
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