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Paper & Packaging Adhesives

The bonding and laminating of paper and boards would seem to be very simple but with modern coatings and the need to bond to other substrates it can get quite difficult. At Bondrite we provide many options to best fit your application for price, application and suitability. We have a full range from simple hand application to fast machinery and packaging applications.

When laminating more difficult substrates to board or papers such as foils, materials and plastics we can provide the best solution to meet your requirements with a sample for full evaluation before purchasing. Just contact our Sales Team by phone or our enquiry form to get started.

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

Paper & Packaging Adhesives: 12 products found

H1001 Packaging Hot Melt 5kg


W3003 Padding Adhesive 1kg


H1000 General Purpose Hot Melt 5kg


H2235 Low Temperature Hot Melt 5kg


W3003 Padding Adhesive 5kg


HMG2260 Hot Melt Applicator Gun


Heavy Duty Hot Melt Applicator Gun


H1007 Product Assembly Hot Melt 5kg


W3003 Padding Adhesive 25kg