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P1010 MS Polymer White 290ml

Product Description

240 FC is a high quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength. It is based on MS-Polymer®.


-                   good applicability and toolability

-                   high adhesive strength

-                   permanently elastic after cure

-                   paintable with water based paints


Sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry.

Sanitary and kitchen areas – resists mould growth.

Structural bonding in vibrating constructions.

Sealing of floor joints.

Sealing and bonding of natural stone (marble granite,…)

Panelling applications

It has good resistance to chemical agents, water, aliphatic solvents mineral oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis.

It has poor resistance to aromatic solvents, concentrated acids, chlorinated hydrocarbons.

P1010 MS Polymer White 290ml
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Product Specifications

Flexibility Excellent
Heat Resistance -40 to + 90C
Pack Size 310ml Cartridge
Work Life Up to 10 minutes