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PVA, EVA acrylic based products suitable for wood, paper, board, card, fabrics and coated paper and boards. Radio Frequency welding grades as well as the usual Dl, 2, 3, 4 and veneering grades are standard lines. Some suitable for hand or machine application and the usual rollerable and sprayable grades as standard. We also have a very strong water based contact adhesive for those customers wishing to reduce the hazards of solvents and problems of V.O.C.'s. in the work place.

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PVA / Waterbased: 17 products found

W5000 D4 External PVA 1kg


W5000 D4 External PVA 25kg


W5000 D4 External PVA 5kg


W3000 Internal Woodworking PVA 1kg


W3001 D3 External PVA 1kg


W3001 D3 External PVA 5kg


W3003 Padding Adhesive 1kg


W3000 Internal Woodworking PVA 5kg

Was £15.40 £12.60

W3001 D3 External PVA 25kg