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Structural Acrylics/Methacrylates/Epoxies

Bondrite structural adhesives have been formulated to compete favourably on quality, strength and price with the traditionally well know brands.

S1200 - transparent, high tensile shear strength, UV stable, excellent chemical & environmental resistance.

S1300 - vertical surface bonds, high peel strength, excellent solvent & environmental resistance, in black and white.

S1500 - high mechanical strength, high impact resistance, bonds dissimilar metals and composites.

E4030 - good room temperature cure, bonds metals, ceramics & fibreglass.

Al/steel stick - non rusting, fast repairs to items made of ferrous and aluminium metals.

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Structural Acrylics/Methacrylates/Epoxies: 12 products found

Mixer Nozzle for 25ml S1220


S1220 Clear Acrylic Adhesive 25ml


S1300 Methyl Methacrylate BLACK 50ml


Aluminium Stick Epoxy


Steel Stick Epoxy


E4030 Rapid Cure Epoxy 400ml