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Bondrite Weld Cements have been developed over the last 20 years in conjunction with the plastics, point of sale display and the sign making industries. Over the range they will weld most common industrial plastics such as acrylic, ABS, PVC, PETG, polycarbonate, and styrene. Weld cements are not suitable for other forms of "plastic" such as polyurethane, polyester, polythene and polyethylene.

ABS        - Slow cure - WC137                                                           PETG            - Fast cure - WC123

Acrylic  - Fast cure - WC102, WC123                                              Styrene       - Slow cure - WC111

Acrylic  - Slow cure - WC105, WC112                                             Styrolux      - Fast cure - WC123        

PVC       - Slow cure - WC137                                                            Styrolux     - Slow cure - WC111

If a standard product needs a little "tweaking" to match you application it can be done without the need for large bulk orders.

All prices shown below are inclusive of VAT.

For bulk volumes or large quantities please call the office on 01509 815550 for a bespoke quotation.

Weld Cements: 16 products found

WC102 Acrylic Weld Cement 500ml


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 250ml


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 500ml


WC111 Styrene Weld Cement 250ml


WC101 Styrene Weld Cement 500ml
WC111 Styrene Weld Cement 500ml


WC102 Acrylic Weld Cement 1ltr


WC105 Acrylic Weld Cement 250ml


WC105 Acrylic Weld Cement 500ml


WC123 PETG Weld Cement 1ltr


WC137 PVC Weld Cement 1 ltr


WC137 PVC Weld Cement 250ml